About Camp

3O6F1805Camp Atwater’s Leadership Development

Camp Atwater’s mission is to assist in the academic and social growth and development of youth by offering a quality residential camp experience within a safe, nurturing and Afrocentric environment.

The camp’s goal is to create experiences that will equip youth with the skills to become happy, healthy, successful contributing adults.

The leadership development experience is a process of combining philosophy, content and methods from the fields of Education, Recreation and Culture. 0ur intent is to facilitate the process of youth encountering themselves and their environment in an intensive, perceptive and experiential manner. The program utilizes natural ways to arouse sensitivity, shape values and strengthen personalities. The result is campers will expand their cognitive understandings about their responsibilities and contributions to these social, economic and ecological dimensions of our world.


Nutritious  Meals

Well-balanced meals, with a variety of fruits and vegetables, are amply portioned for a growing child. Water is available from the North Brookfield Town supply, which meets all required health standards fresh, pasteurized milk is available daily. lt is suggested that candy, cake and other sweets NOT be sent to the camper. We prefer to control the consumption of sweets during meals and canteen periods.

Religious Services

Non-sectarian religious services for campers and staff are held weekly in the Congressman Richard E.Neal Hall, on Sundays.

Health Professionals

Camp Atwater’s physical plant has passed all Massachusetts health standards and is annually inspected to assure that high standards are maintained. An on site nurse is on duty and a doctor is on call 24-hours a day.

Camp Atwater – Counselor-In-Training Program

The CIT Program is a disciplined training program geared to prepare campers for future employment at Camp Atwater, and to strengthen general leadership and character development. CITs not only participate, they also assist in the various camp activities. CITs are required to pay 50% of the total camp cost, plus registration fee, and must be: * Registered for full four-week attendance * 16 years old, entering the l2th grade. The CIT program is limited to 10 slots, with first priority given to prior Camp Atwater campers in good standing. CIT’s are evaluated upon completion of their training to determine whether they will be selected for future staff positions.